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tv   News Center 5 at Noon  ABC  December 11, 2015 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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antoinette: breaking news, we investigate what the driver of that whatever he trained did to cause the trade to take off without him. right now that driver is on leave. karen anderson is live at the breaking news task. karen: sources familiar say the
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vasquez, failed to follow multiple safety protocols. according to sources, he did not set the break before he got out of the car and sources also tell the throttle. it could have been a review or microphone cord. this was just yesterday. the driver, 51-year-old david vasquez, 28 years on the t, got out of the train to check on a problem at braintree, which is when the trade continued on to four stations unmanned. basque as been placed on administrative leave. we are learning that he failed to follow multiple safety protocols, including not setting the brakes before he got out, and tying a cord around the throttle. we checked into his driving record as well.
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end of 2000. antoinette: we expect to hear from governor baker on the investigation. you can watch the news conference live at 1:00 p.m. on hand on our mobile app. also breaking this noon a driver house. antoinette: newscenter 5' s reid lamberty is live in north reading . reid, was anyone hurt inside the house? right now, repairs are being made at the home in which she crashed. under the cover a dense fog and early morning darkness, there was no mistaking what happened. >> i was in the kitchen, picked up my coffee and was about to head to the door, then heard a horrible sound and knew that it had impacted the house. reid: and right into the front door of tracy griswold' s two family house, a door out of which she was moments away from
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>> when i called 911 they were asking me questions, i was yelling into the car, i couldn' t see anybody in it. read: police say the driver and only person in the car, a 39-year-old woman from neighboring wilmington, was dead when first responders arrived. uncertain of what exactly caused the crash, investigators do know she was travelling east on route 62. >> crossed over the double yellow line, struck a curb, and then careened into a home. reid: three people, including tracy, were inside. none of them were hurt, but the home suffered severe damage. one of the walls collapsing into the living room. police say this stretch of 62 is windy, but well-lit. weather could be a factor. >> eerie cause of the fog and the darkness. it' s upsetting to know someone passed away. reid: back live and two rooms of the home are off limits on until they can be made more secure. the homeowner says the home has been in her family for 50 years
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antoinette: shots ring out at a home in revere two people are dead. another person injured. newscenter 5' s frank holland has been on scene gathering information all morning. what can you tell us about the victims? frank: neighbors tell us the man and woman killed were close friends who had a father daughter relationship. friends said they want to live in the home and no one can understand why anyone would want to gunned them down. -- gun them down. >> i heard bang, bang, bang . frank: this woman who did not want to be identified was a neighbor of the 66-year-old man and 35-year-old woman who were shot and killed in this revere triple decker last night. a 38-year-old man, critically injured in the shooting was the woman' s boyfriend according to the neighbor. she says the couple was here to
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>> she comes here to help him do his house work and cook dinner for him, the girl that was killed. he was everybody' know, like everybody' s father. frank: another friend named bob who did not want to be on camera, says the woman was also here to say goodbye. bob says the 38-year-old mother of three needed to get some personal items she left her before getting treatment for addiction. >> great person, trying to get her kids back in her life. wanted so bad to do the right thing in life. to get clean, be a mother. frank: evidence of the shooting remains this morning. >> i heard the shots. frank: after at least six shots fired, someone pulled the fire alarm. this woman coming downstairs seeing the surviving victim. >> we stayed with him a little bit, because he was screaming, help me, help me, they shoot me, two times.
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he is in the hospital this afternoon and it is still an active investigation and police have not made any arrests or identified any suspects. emily: thank you. shifting to the weather, the thick fog has burned off you' d never know it was december. cindy: 55 degrees is normal for october. not december. we still have some areas with a little bit of fog. where you can see the white is visibility. five miles in the north beverly. north and west of town is where of fog. some low clouds around as well. notice along the south shore, this is where the fog burned up the early as and temperatures have responded. more high clouds filling in from the west, so it will be a blend
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crowned mixing in with the sunshine. through the afternoon, marshfield, plymouth, all at or above 60 degrees. boston, 55. nashua, manchester, still kind of stuck in the 40' s. this afternoon, a blend of clouds and sunshine. many of us making it to near 60. after the sun goes down, look at how temperatures hold into the evening. any outdoor plans look pretty mild. warm temperatures sticking around for most of the weekend. a little tricky on sunday. we will talk about that. breaking news this noon --antoinette: breaking news this noon. a major setback for daily fantasy sports sites. a judge has blocked boston-based draftkings and its competitor fanduel from doing business in new york while their court battle plays out. the attorney general there calls the games which allow users to win money based on lineups set every day illegal gambling based on chance. the companies argue their games
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lawful. draft kings has already appealed. emily: an investigation into a medical helicopter crash in call-up on in that killed four people. it was headed to a hospital in bakersfield when it went down with a pilot, paramedic, patient, and nurse aboard. the rain initially caused a problem for search crews but there is no answer as to why the plane crashed. antoinette: carrying 160 series touchdown in toronto this morning. newly elected prime minister justin trudeau was there to through processing which included a 16-month old girl. trudeau has pledged to take in 25,000 syrian refugees by the end of february. president obama has said the u.s. would take in 10,000 syrian refugees over the next year. emily: a new concern in the isis threat. the terror group using
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travel to the u.s. homeland security is on high alert, over concern that isis got its hands on at least one official passport printing machine. the machines, used by governments around the world. isis members have been found with the fake passports in europe most notably, in the paris attacks. someone traveling on a syrian passport would still need a u.s. visa to come to the u.s. immigration records are being scoured to see if anyone made it into the country with a counterfeit passport. the hunt for answers in the california shooting rampage moves under water. investigators are back at a nearby lake, searching for clues. fbi and local divers started that search yesterday, dredging the lake about 3 miles from the scene of the shooting. they are looking for digital devices the killers may have tried to destroy. investigators are also trying to determine if syed farook and tashfeen malik' s marriage was orchestrated by a wider terror group. antoinette: president obama is
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background checks on gun sales, without the approval of congress. meantime, lawmakers in connecticut are working to ban the sale of guns to people on government watch lists. the governor says he will sign the new executive order, which would also revoke gun permits issued to people whose names are on the lists. the measure would need federal approval. emily: today is the 20th anniversary of the fire that destroyed the former malden mills textile factory. and the plant' s new owner has just announced it is moving out of state. polartec says it' s going to plants in new hampshire and tennessee. that means 300 people will lose their jobs. former owner aaron feuerstein calls the move a disgrace. he made headlines when he continued to pay workers after a fire destroyed the mill. right now, police are searching for a man who swiped a donation jar in lowell. the theft caught on camera. the video clearly shows a man stealing a donation jar there was only about $25 to $30 in it,
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provide christmas gifts for families in need. it' s known as sun santa fund, a charity effort run by the lowell sun. the suspect is seen picking up the jar, looking at the money inside, and then putting it in a bag and walking out. it happened sunday at the 7-eleven on chelmsford street in lowell. police are still searching for the thief. a new donation jar has been put on counter at that 7-eleven. antoinette: commitment 2016 and two dairy -- very different scenes as donald trump picks up a key endorsement in new hampshire. cheers inside the event, but outside protesters making it clear they don' t support trump' s recent comments on muslims. inside the hotel in portsmouth, england police benevolent association. favor of the gop frontrunner' s anyone who kills a police officer. outside the hotel many made it clear his stance on banning
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country is not acceptable. >> outrageous. i don' t know any other way to put it. >> a lot of hateful speech that is creating a problem for our country. antoinette: a new wall street journal poll finds the majority of americans oppose banning muslims from entering the united states. rand paul and lindsey graham will be on the campaign trail in new hampshire today. paul will make stops in derry, keene and rindge. graham has events in concord and wolfeboro. emily this image, going viral. : the punishment these military school cadets are facing after the incident. antoinette: the soldier who abandoned his post before be was captured by the taliban is talking about his ordeal. the motivation behind walking off base and what he hoped to accomplish. cindy: certainly feeling more like spring outside instead of december. i am tracking a front that could cool down parts of our area this weekend.
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emily: right now a former oklahoma police officer is facing a 200-year prison sentence after being found guilty of sexual assault charges. daniel holtzclaw sobbed in court after the verdict. he was convicted on 18 counts, including first-degree rape. 13 women in total accused holtzclaw of rape or sexual assault all while he was on duty. he will be sentenced next month. right now two louisiana marshals are facing murder charges in the death of a 6-year-old boy. jeremy mardis was in the s car when he was shot during a police chase. the officers chased christopher few after seeing him in an argument with his girlfriend. police say they later fired eighteen rounds into his car. there were no outstanding warrants against few and no weapon was found in the car. antoinette: eight cadets have been suspended at the citadel military college amid these controversial photos. the pictures show the cadets
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which look similar to kkk uniforms. the cadets at the south carolina school say it was all part of a christmas skit, and they' re supposed to be ghosts. now to the controversy over bowe bergdahl, the army sergeant who spent 5 years as a taliban prisoner after abandoning his post in afghanistan. for the first time, he is publicly explaining why he left and what happened next. on the tapes, bergdahl claims he abandoned his fellow soldiers to draw attention to what he calls bad leadership in the army. he says another reason he walked away, to prove he could be like the movie action hero, jason bourne. but what happened next was nothing like hollywood. >> there i was in the open i' m not about to not run a bunch of motorcycles, so i six guys with ak-47' s. antoinette: bergdahl' s account comes from phone conversations with a screenwriter, as part of
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season of the podcast serial. emily: a mega merger is in the works. dow chemical and dupont are chemical company worth $130 billion. the deal is being billed a merger of equals, to be called dow-dupont. new company into 3 sections, one focused on materials, one on agriculture and the last on a surge in online sales this holiday season is weighing heavily on ups. the atlanta based shipping company is getting crushed with more deliveries than expected, a repeat of 2013, that' s when overwhelmed they couldn' t deliver everything on time. antoinette: more airlines are restricting one of the most popular gifts of the holiday season. delta, american and united say their flights. list of others that refuse to allow the devices on board over fears that they may catch fire.
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consistently provide detail about the size or power of their lithium-ion batteries. cindy: the fog is pretty much temperatures. emily: it is december? cindy: a lot of you at home wondering, where is the cold air? i have found it. you have to go way up there, north of hudson bay. until the jet stream changes and brings some of that down, we will not have much cold air. you need that for snow. if you are a snow lover, not really your season. nothing yet. this time last year, we had about three inches of snow. most of it fell around things giving. in worcester, last year, seven
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inches of snow by now, so we are behind. fortunately, we have seen the fog lift out. it' s been a slow process and some clouds. low clouds burning off, high clouds above. temperatures to skyrocket. 55 in boston. s. that southerly wind continues to bring in that mild air. up. 61 in marshfield. low clouds and fog on the cape. places like nashua, 46 degrees. worcester, 47. fog and low cloudiness, but over the next 12 hours, you see how the skies brightened. then temperatures will pop up into the 50' s. right now, you can see the brightest skies are on the south
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we have a fair amount of high clouds moving through but behind it are some breaks. a blend of clouds and sun in the afternoon, adding a couple more degrees to the temperatures. average high this time of year should be 43. into the evening hours, no problems if you have land this eve. in and out of cloud. overnight, the clouds thinned out for a time. t think we are looking at widespread fog that we have had to maybe a few patches. temperatures on the mild side, above freezing. upper 30' s. partly to mostly sunny skies over the weekend. 55 to 60 degrees. high pressure to our south. we will see a good amount of sunshine to mauer. notice the clouds come in and we will be watching this boundary.
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as it does, it will shift the westerly winds around to a more northerly direction. temperatures on sunday likely not getting out of the 40' the merrimack valley, new hampshire seacoast. locally. across connecticut, still in the s. from the west. southerly wind. ahead of it, warming up again. baxter, 60 degrees on monday. and at night. an inch of rain fall. then we are cooling off on s. temperatures continue. some point. a dream come true for a fingers on his hand. to the university of
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department, and they created three different robo-hands using a 3-d printer. >> anything he can grab onto, he wants to grab. grabbing the card with both hands, we went down a slide, and he said i was really able to grip and push off. emily: it took more than 30 hours to print each one, the designs for the prosthetics have been around for years, but with a 3-d printer the cost of making one is less than $50. antoinette: incredible innovation. i that he is so happy. one of walt disney' s original creations re-discovered emily: up next, the 90-year-old movie that nearly ended up in
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antoinette: a long lost disney film, rediscovered after nearly s a 6-minute christmas movie called "sleigh bells." take a look. it' s a silent film starring oswald the rabbit, one of walt disney' s first animated characters. disney researchers say he was the original mickey mouse. the british film institute found it in the archives and as it turns out, it was about to be
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tomorrow. antoinette: the kids are going to think when they see that? emily: a lot of you saying, where is december? still through 60' s in the first half of the weekend. dry this weekend. rain comes in late monday into tuesday. puffs knows winter... hard on your nose there's the endless runny noses. pthe sneezes that just won't quit p and of course, the biting cold of snow day play. that's why puffs is soft. puffs plus lotion tissues... ...are gentle on skin. they help soothe irritation by locking in moisture better. r so you can get out and enjoy winter t a nose in need deserves puffs indeed. for softness that fitsp
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